What is Neptune DXP - Open Edition?

What is the Neptune DXP - Open Edition?

Neptune DXP - Open Edition is a rapid application development platform that provides a universal way to develop and manage enterprise-grade applications from anywhere. Contrary to the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition, the Neptune DXP - Open Edition is developed for non-SAP users.

What can I do with Neptune DXP - Open Edition?

With Neptune DXP - Open Edition, you develop, run, and manage applications for both desktop and mobile environments.

Can I use Neptune DXP - Open Edition to develop full-stack applications?

Yes, with Neptune DXP - Open Edition, you can develop both the frontend and the backend to create full-stack applications.

What are the components of Neptune DXP - Open Edition?

Neptune DXP - Open Edition consists of tools for developing, such as the App Designer and the API Designer, and many additional tools for user management, workflows, server-side scripts, authentication and many more. For more information on the tools, see Cockpit tools.

Can Neptune DXP - Open Edition communicate with my on-premise data models?

Yes, you can use the API Designer to create APIs communicating with on-premise system endpoints. The APIs you create can call the endpoint and map the data of your resource to your application components. This includes the communication with OData resources, REST APIs, and JSONH.

When I create an application with Neptune DXP - Open Edition, is there a way to configure it for different users?

Yes, Neptune DXP - Open Edition includes tools for application management. For example, you can manage different languages, create mobile clients, and maintain tiles of your applications. For more information on these tools, see Administration.

Can I deploy applications with the Neptune DXP - Open Edition?

Yes, the Neptune DXP - Open Edition provides tools and services to help you with the development process. For more information on the deployment process and services, see Deployment.

Does the Neptune DXP - Open Edition provide a role system for users?

Yes, you can create both roles for individual users and groups for multiple users. The host of Neptune DXP - Open Edition decides how the role and group system are used. For more information on roles, groups, and other security services, see Security.

Is Neptune DXP - Open Edition a package builder for node.js packages?

Neptune DXP - Open Edition is more than a package builder. It provides a complete environment for running Neptune DXP applications.

Can I export and then import the same applications developed in the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition to the Neptune DXP - Open Edition?

There are too many differences between Neptune DXP - SAP Edition and Neptune DXP - Open Edition apps (like application class and AJAX_ID) so there is no official migration possible. Also, Neptune DXP - SAP Edition uses SAP UI5 objects and Neptune DXP - Open Edition uses Open UI5, so it’s possible to encounter these discrepancies.To do a Neptune DXP - SAP Edition app components in the Neptune DXP - Open Edition, the recommended way is to re-do the app from the start in Neptune DXP - Open Edition. It is possible, however, to remote call, and run the Neptune DXP - SAP Edition application within the Neptune DXP - Open Edition context.

Neptune DXP - Open Edition and Node.js

What is Node.js used for in the Neptune DXP - Open Edition?

The entire Neptune DXP - Open Edition is built on node.js.

Does Neptune DXP - Open Edition come with node.js?

Neptune DXP - Open Edition runtime is a package solution that comes with plugins, including node.js. You can install your own node.js on the same server and use your own plugins.

Can I extend node.js with my custom callbacks?

You can add your custom server-side code with any npm dependency.

Do event callbacks run client-side or do they call node.js handlers?

You can run callback both client-side and server-side.

How does Neptune DXP - Open Edition handle persistence?

Neptune DXP - Open Edition currently supports Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and SAP HANA as database systems. Files can be stored on the system, in the database, or using Azure Blob Storage.

Mobile Application Management

Can I use Neptune DXP - Open Edition as a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution?

Yes, Neptune DXP - Open Edition provides all essential functions to be used as a MAM solution.

In terms of delivery, can I add and assign applications to devices and users?

You can assign applications to users, but you cannot assign them to devices.

In terms of security, which protection policies can I use to secure the data in my application?

In Neptune DXP - Open Edition, you can establish login policies for users. By default, users that fail three login attempts are locked. Administrators can unlock users in the User service and change the default limit of attempts. In addition, if a user fail to log in a mobile client, the mobile client data are cleared from the device. The application remains, but it has no data inside.

Can I make an app store for the users?

Yes, for example, you can create a launchpad with tiles that trigger the installation of a mobile client. If a user accesses the launchpad and clicks "install" on one of the tiles that points to a mobile client, the IPA, APK or Windows 10 version of the mobile client is installed.

Can I see which users have access to my application?

Neptune DXP - Open Edition provides multiple services for monitoring. You can see who has access to which applications and when they are logged into an application. For more information on monitoring services, see Monitoring.

As a user, how do I update applications?

You do not need to actively update applications. Whenever you log out of an application, it updates to the latest version automatically.

Can I use Neptune DXP - Open Edition to wipe devices remotely?

Neptune DXP - Open Edition is a platform for application development and, as such, has no control over devices. You will need a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to have this kind of control. If you want to do so, you can integrate your MDM solution into Neptune DXP - Open Edition. There are a lot of MDM solutions that we have already worked with, such as Microsoft Intune, SOTI, MobileIron, Airwatch, BlackBerry Dynamics, and Blue Cedar.

Anonymous Access

The Neptune DXP - Open Edition can support anonymous access to Applications, Launchpads and APIs.

In order to enable anonymous access in your Neptune DXP - Open Edition instance, you will need to have a license added that has this feature included. Please contact us if you require this feature.

Anonymous access, if enabled for an app, Launchpad or API, will not require an authenticated user credential to access it.

It is not possible to create anonymous access users.