Run a test plan

In this topic, you learn how to run a test plan.



  1. In the Cockpit, go to Testing and click Test Run.

  2. Click Add.

    Result: The Test Plans dialog opens.

  3. Select the test plan you want to run and click Select.

    Result: The test appears in the table of available test plans.

  4. Click the test plan you want to run.

    Result: The Test Run window opens.

    The name is assigned automatically based on the test plan. You can change it manually.
  5. Navigate to the Run tab.

    Result: The Run tab opens.

  6. Click the step of the test you want to run.

  7. Click In Progress and perform the test as described.

    test run

    Result: The test is running according to your preferences.

  8. Click Success or Failure, depending on the result of the test run. If you click Failure, you have to give a reason.

    Result: The bar chart changes.

    You can run the test again, change the preferences of the test, or reset all test runs you did so far.


  • You have run a test according to your test plan.