api client icon API Client

With the API Client, you send requests to test the response of a REST API.

Features of the API Client

  • Lets you check the response from APIs in the API Designer.

  • Provides the ability to generate a range of API requests for testing REST API by dynamically adjusting query and header parameters of various data types, enabling the creation of diverse request groups.

  • Provides distributed list of APIs based on API servers.

  • Shows the total number of API entries.

  • Shows the list of APIs with their operations to test the API response.

  • Quickly ensures that all your services and APIs are running as expected.

The API Client shows a list of both publicly available APIs and your APIs, with search options to sort and filter the list.

api client base

Select an API from the table to make test requests and see responses.

When making requests, you can use all operations defined for the API and test additional endpoints. If you have not defined headers or parameters for requests in the API Designer, you can define and test them here.