lock entries icon Lock Entries

A lock mechanism prevents artifacts to be modified simultaneously. This can occur when multiple users are working on the same artifact at the same time, or the system performs an update.

Artifacts can be locked for the following reasons:

  • A user starts editing an artifact.

  • Artifacts are updated by the system.

When an artifact is locked, other users can access the artifact in display mode only.

A lock is removed after the user releases the artifact.

The system maintains locks established by the update function until the change is performed or stopped prematurely. The locks produced by the update block the system if there is an issue preventing it from being applied.

View lock entries

The Lock entries shows a list of active locks, providing the following information:


The artifact type, for example an application, a script, or a tile.


The name of the artifact.

Created at

Date and time when the lock was created.

Created by

The name of the user who created the lock.

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