odata mockdata icon OData Mock Data

With OData Mock Data, you manage mock metadata and datasets.

Mock data simulates the behaviour of real data in a controlled way. For example, you can add small sized OData to use and test certain features of your application or use mock data while the OData resource is not set up yet.

In OData Mock Data, you add OData you want to test. DXP - Open Edition then creates a mock server on which you can test the OData.

Use cases for OData mock data

  • The backend data is not up-to-date. Instead of updating the data in the backend, you can work with mock data that is up-to-date.

  • You want to present an application to a customer using mock data to display the customer’s product or brand name.

  • You want to test your application with certain data, for example, very long names or big numbers.