Integration of APIs from the Store

This topic provides an overview of the steps necessary from downloading an API from the Store to add an authentication method and integrate it into your system.

With these APIs, you can access other Neptune DXP - Open Edition services.

Through these Neptune DXP - Open Edition APIs, you can directly fetch data from the Neptune DXP - Open Edition servers and use them in applications you created in the App Designer.

These APIs are part of the Store and are publicly available. You can download and use them in your applications.

The following instruction assumes that only users with a certain role should be given access to the API.


  1. Add a new user.

  2. Provide all users of the API with a predefined Role.

  3. Navigate to the API Token tab of the user, toggle the Enable button to On and click Generate token.

  4. Go to Proxy Authentication and add a new authentication method, as it is described in the documentation.

  5. In the Headers tab of your method, add a mew header with a proper Name and the generated token as Value, and click Save.

  6. In the API Designer, go to the Authentication tab of your API and add the new authentication method to your API.

You can test the downloaded API in the API Client.