Use a JWT token as authentication method to access an external API

Neptune DXP - Open Edition provides APIs that allow you to extend the capabilities of your applications. You can integrate Neptune DXP - Open Edition APIs in your applications and access the Cockpit services.

With these APIs, you can access your Neptune DXP - Open Edition, Neptune DXP - Open Edition as an external system, and other external systems that support REST APIs.

This add-on guide is intended for developers who want to integrate an API into their application to access Neptune DXP - Open Edition from the same system or from an external system.

This guide comprises the following steps:

  1. Download the API from the store: See Download and configure an API.

  2. Access API from within the system: No special guide required. Simply integrate the endpoint of the API into your application.

  3. Access API from an external system. See Access the API from an external system.

All users accessing the API and their content must have an authorized ACL role. You can assign roles in the Role service.